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Mariam & Armen Merabov. MIRAIF.

“MIRAIF” group was set up in 1998. Having appeared on Russian "stage" as one of numerous jazz bands, the group was quickly allocated from a lump of musical executors and has won a recognition not only at fans, but also at professionals and connoisseurs of jazz music.
 Armen Merabov is not only the founder and the leader of the “MIRAIF” group, he is also a composer. Armen writes not only jazz music but different styles of it as a score.
 “MIRAIF” can be named a universal group as its repertoire includes not only jazz, but also such styles as blues, funk and jazz-rock. During all this time the group cooperates with remarkable vocalist Mariam. Having got a role of a Queen in a musical “We Will Rock You”, Mariam has once again shown the high professionalism, both as a singer, and an actress.
 In the biography of the group it is necessary to note such achievements as record and release of compact discs, inc. several tracks with saxophone player Leo Gandelman, live play in concerts with Eric Marienthal, Kevin Mahogany, Victor Bailey, participation in various jazz festivals, concerts and TV casts. The group took part in various concerts and festivals such as XI festival “the Window to the Europe”, festivals “Mega Jazz Master”, “Archangelsk Blues Festival”, “Vladivostok Jazz Fest”, “Old Town Jazz Festival”, “Usadba Jazz”, “LUXURY - space of a jazz”, “Jazz Parking Jazz Festival” and many more..

Experience shows that participation in similar events is one of the best ways helping “MIRAIF” to acquaint spectator with their creativity.

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